Summer Interns 2016

Discussion (5)

  1. Maurice

    HA! Try telling a nurse you long for some stress free employment once in a while. See how long it take to get a bed pan in the face.

  2. DCamp

    Try being an Architect that specializes in retail projects, best of both worlds!

    • CADirk

      The deadline is last week, regardless of the date the contract was signed?

  3. raymond

    different jobs, different stress. Can’t put down anybody’s work when you realize that most of the time, you wouldn’t want to do what they do… retail, nurse, food service (all mentioned so far…)… Um, none for me thanks!…or as i sometimes say: Better you than me!

    I’m a Rotarian, and we have a respect for any vocation that provides an opportunity for service.

  4. Saga Norén

    To paraphrase Payton Manning – stress is what you feel when you don’t know what you’re doing.