ARE 5.0 Transition

Discussion (7)

  1. Joshua Deacon

    To make it even more interesting, given the shift/overlap of material in the two series, you can take two specific exams of ARE 4.0 and only be required to take three others of ARE 5.0, for a total of five exams–whaaaaaaa!

    • Bryan

      It’s the other way around… 3 exams in 4.0 and 2 in 5.0.

  2. Sheldon

    Ha! In the good old days, there were only two exams, which were six months apart. One was a twelve-hour design problem, the other had several parts which, together, lasted three days. If I recall correctly, the pass rates were less than forty percent. The results weren’t available for months, so if you failed it wasn’t long before the next exams. If you failed more than one or two parts of the three-day exam you had to take the whole thing again. On the plus side, you didn’t need to know CAD or Revit. :)

  3. Greg

    To tack on to what Sheldon noted, some states would not allow you to take the three part exam (in December) until you passed the 12 hour design exam (in June).

  4. JMT

    5.0 will give candidates unofficial pass/fail results on exam completion. This is due to the graphic vignettes going away.

  5. Dru

    The removal of the graphic vignettes alone makes the test an improvement. There was nothing in the vignettes you couldn’t cover with a diagram and a series of questions.

    The vignette software at least made AutoCad look like a competent option.

  6. CC

    everyone is afraid of running out of architects, so they are making things “easier”. We don’t need more architects, we need better architects. Make the test more rigorous.