Failure to Launch

Discussion (7)

  1. CC

    sick of work is still ‘sick’….it qualifies.

  2. Sarah Lund

    One time I called in sick because my then girlfriend claimed she had never before spent all day in bed (she was a real goody two shoes). One quick call later detailing my previous night’s pseudo “gastro-intestinal distress” and we were sorted for a long day of sordid shennanigans.
    Beats bathroom specification any day.

  3. Josh


  4. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Just pretend you don’t want to eventually contaminate the rest of the gang

  5. Florian Heise

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for the boss?

    • David in Florida


  6. Anssi

    I live in a country (Finland) where I get full pay for sick days (after 3 days I have to produce a certificate from a doctor) so feigning sickness would be downright stealing. So if George gets paid, I too would feel sorry for the boss.