Good Plotter Paper

Discussion (7)

  1. Sheldon

    Thank goodness we were never like that! :)

  2. Josh

    Now here is the question – did anyone tell the intern this before having him print?

  3. Srieck

    A. Did anybody tell the poor intern?
    B. We used an “email all” notice that the “good” paper is in the plotter, and it’s your fault if you print before the “back to normal paper” email is sent out.

  4. CADirk

    We used to do it a lot simpler, the copyshop was 300 meters from the office, and we just mailed the big format (anything above A3 size) to them. Usually we got a call within half an hour that the prints could be collected.
    Standard was basic black and white prints on 80 grams/m², folded back to A4, never had any trouble.

  5. Nighthawk

    So glad to ditch our plotter decades ago.

  6. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Can’t they temporarily disconnect the plotter off the office network?

  7. Dru

    Our Oce and Ricoh print dialog pop ups actually pinged the printer and told us which paper was on which spool (if entered correctly when initially loaded, during paper swaps it put a little QR code on the roll so during reloading it was automatic).

    After suffering through tours at firms that struggled to embrace technology, it was the most amazing experience. Also, the new plotters didn’t jam once during my 2 years at that firm.

    The system also automatically ordered paper and ink so we never ran out at the last minute. It lured one into a false sense of security that didn’t bite me on my arse before I left. It was glorious.