Old Employment Inquiry

Discussion (4)

  1. Jenn

    But salary bump!
    Also if you are unhappy because your boss is a megalomaniac control freak then chances are high you would be happier in another workplace environment without that negative energy. If it’s the field you hate then you’re SOL.

    • Darcy

      It’s amazing how much happier I am since I switched jobs, and how much of a nicer, less high-strung person I am when I don’t hate my job. (Plus I’m more hydrated– it pays to not go home and cry every day!)

  2. Der Alta

    The easiest way to get a pay raise, is to quit.

    Oh, and I left my last job, because my boss was showing signs of Alzheimers/Dementia at 73 years old. Nothing like being accused of dropping the ball on a project meeting that nobody had heard of.

  3. Josh

    Over-worked, but appreciated and well paid at my current office.

    Would love a 40 hr work week.