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  1. SMF

    Someone who used to work here decided they could do a lateral move because there was less of a ceiling at the new firm they went to. Granted, they made Senior Associate, but they are also still paid the same and are now doing their own production work. They were a Project Manager here, and had people that would do their production. But I guess they wanted that special title…

  2. tony

    When I was first hired in the Arch & Eng department of my company, the only positions were VP, Chief Engineer, Chief Architect, and PM. Everyone else in the department, regardless of discipline or duty, was an “A&E assistant”. I had to lobby management to get Drafter and Designer titles added to the list as well as Secretary, Surveyor and Field Coordinator. After 13 years with the organization, they created the position of “Architect” for me. I guess it’s better than my ID friend who was hired as an “Interior Decor Coordinator” and her two assistants who are “Maintenance Helpers”.

  3. seatrains

    “Head Shop Drawing Clerk”…

  4. Sarah Lund

    Lots of my friends from university are directors of big firms or own their own companies and no doubt work 80 hour weeks.
    I’m a plain old architect and I clock off at 5pm.