AutoCAD License Manager

Discussion (4)

  1. Steve Rieck

    Imagine that! Something got “messed up” during an update. Unheard of!

  2. AndrewM

    Imagine a power outage way longer than your UPS can cope with. How many drawing boards with slides have you got in the store? How many staff even know how to draw by hand?

    • Vic Van Meter

      Oh, we can draw by hand. But then what? Your engineers can’t use that as the background. You can’t easily turn that in as a CD set. Anything you draw, you’ll just have to do in the CAD or Revit when it’s back. Hand drawing anything other than an in-house quickie sketch just isn’t worth the time you put in.

      Basically, when our Revit and CAD goes down, we might as well go home. At least we won’t be billing hours to our projects…

    • Dru

      When Revit/CADD goes down (well never CADD because if we have to use a CAD program it isn’t AutoCad) means more time to catch up on paperwork, code review, and all that other super fun stuff we rarely have time to do when pumping out projects.

      It’s not so much a break as a redirect. Oh gawd, the paperwork.