Rep Meetings

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  1. SMF

    If it is unscheduled I pick up my phone and tell my secretary to tell them I am unavailable and about to leave. They typically will leave literature, their card, and go.

    • Dru

      Nailed it.

      Or just tell them you have someplace to be and to schedule their visits like a professional would.

  2. tim

    I’m happy to make appointments to meet with reps about new products. If a rep shows up on a cold call trying to talk with me they’ll be shown the door, and it certainly won’t help get their products included in our specs. If my time is valuable to them they will seek to schedule ahead of time. Our best (and most frequently consulted) reps understand this.

  3. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Right: no scheduled meeting, no meeting at all,
    their reasons are simply not accepted. Their materials and samples can be left.

  4. Florian Heise

    We have a policy that we will only meet with trade reps over lunch. The time of my staff is valuable, so some subway for lunch is a small price to pay. Also only one meeting a week and they are booked up for months.

    • gonk

      That’s been our policy for a long, long time – so much so that most of our reps know and joke about the one hour time limit. If they want to show us something and it can’t be done during the lunch hour, it needs to be scheduled and better be no more than about 15 minutes long.

  5. Nighthawk

    Never meet with product reps. Go to the net for info and dirt on a product and how it performs in the real world. Not from a glad hand and a glossy handout.

  6. Dru

    For all the bread and circus most reps bring the one thing I would love to get is a damn price and part sheet. I hate playing the whole game of phone tag when trying to quickly put together some rough pricing for a client.

    No prices for your lights, furniture, etc. easy to find? Your stuff won’t make it as basis for design. I don’t have time to create log ins and dig through horrible websites which still don’t provide pricing.