Chronicles of the Office IT Guy XXIV

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  1. Abram

    I feel his pain working in an office where nobody knows how use google can be

  2. Dru

    I ran IT support for two firms and at an ISP. Mostly all I did was google and read forums.

    I was still overqualified.

  3. DavidK

    Shhhhhhh! If you tell everyone, I will have to go back to project work. ;-)

    • Tim

      I want everybody to know so I CAN go back to project work. :-(

  4. SrLnclt

    Reminds me of this old comic from another site:

    • SteveR

      I get so irritated when I call a support line and set up the “remote desktop” and they follow this flow chart. Hell, I’ve already done that!

  5. Steve Shaw