Sending Prints Out

Discussion (7)

  1. Abram

    Some days it seems like we’re a charity print shop

  2. Saga Noren

    Seriously, who sends out prints these days? Everyone I deal with, from clients to engineers gets a PDF and if they want a hard copy its on them to sort it out.

    • Dru

      And charge at 1.5 print shop fees for orders they want done in house. Ends that right quick.

  3. Guitarchitect

    When in doubt, send it out!!!

  4. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    True, a dvd or a shipment on some transfer website are so more efficient. In fact they just like paper and not the screen…….Sic transit gloria mundi

  5. Random Architect

    I’ve found that if you bill your full billing rate and clearly identify the time on your time card as working on additional prints, that will make the clients think twice about asking for more “free” prints.

  6. DrafterJ

    During my apprenticeship, during a very slow month I was told to go sit in the lobby of a contractors company that had called and asked for 6 additional sets of prints they needed THAT day in order to bid subcontractors. Turns out that they contractors already owed us several hundred bucks from the last job for prints. And we were billing for my time acting as Currier.
    I liked it because I got paid to sit somewhere and study…