Shoddy Intern Work

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  1. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    lack of intern’s work supervision perhaps ?

  2. Central Standard

    Intern or not, it’s more efficient to have to people measuring.

    • ArchAddict

      That greatly depends on drive time and use of a laser measurer, when drive time equals measuring time… 1 person is cheaper, also if you can use a laser, you dont need someone else to hold the tape.

    • Dru

      We have found that teams of 2 people are much faster (around 4x) than a single person. You can have each person sketching out different rooms at the same time, someone to take measurements from consistent places while the other jots them down and whomever finishes sketching out the plan/elevation first is on photo duty.

      Usually you also have someone checking the other’s measurements and/or training them to do the job right. For older buildings and sketchy areas teams are also safer.

      When one person is by themselves they usually hurry it along and miss stuff and we’ve found that usually means a second trip.

      I’ve done field surveys alone, but that is extremely rare and the spaces are usually very simple. For larger structures or complex spaces (I’m looking at you ecclesiastic buildings) teams are much faster.

  3. SteveR

    Or at least show the intern what you expect as a result on the field notes….

  4. Judge Lucid

    Our policy always was: We’ll pay you ONCE to field measure. We won’t complain if you take the time you need to do it right and get all the info you need. HOWEVER, if you miss even ONE dimension, you get to go back on your own time and nickel to get it.
    As a result, I had a really good field crew.

    • Matt

      so your policy was to break the labor laws? not smart

  5. SMF

    What Dru said. Exactly right.