Choosing Products For Revit Projects

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  1. Cooter

    That is my philosophy too.

  2. Bob Barnett

    Too true

  3. rik11

    it is so true that it is no longer funy, just sad

  4. CADirk

    A couple of years ago it was easier and a lot faster to build your own family because what the manufacturers provided was either crap or didn’t exist at all.

  5. SMF

    Yup. Sad but true…

  6. Srieck

    This has been my criteria from LONG before Revit existed. If the website, or even before that, catalog (remember those!?) was easy to use, and had details that could be traced (remember that!?) or specs that weren’t written by the Marketing department of the manufacturer, they got selected.

  7. Sheldon

    This is why specifiers must be involved in BIM.