Getting Into Specifications

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  1. SpexFrog

    Not necessarily. As an independent specifier I want to have good technical information and an available tech rep that can speak to the product not the madison ave fluff.

    • CC

      … and maybe find a sense of humor?

  2. IR

    …but assuming 2 products with good technical information and available tech reps … what flips the coin other than freshest in memory/lunch?

  3. Lynn Javoroski

    IR, there are any number of product qualities that come into play, including the designer’s wishes. Ease of installation, warranty (yes, even that), availability in the project location, familiarity of the contractors with the product, just to name a few.

  4. Dru

    In this order for me:
    Good specs/selection easily accessible online
    Quick responses to email/phone calls from reps
    Clear pricing data
    Revit families that aren’t giant bloated POS’s
    Availability/Lead time

    You know who nails all this all the time? Big Ass Fans. I love those guys.

  5. Anne

    here’s the list for me:
    rep in my same time zone (you would be surprised what a problem this is on the west coast)
    good installers in my area
    good track record with those installers
    availability of technical information
    someone who will come fix it if there is a problem