Guilt Trip

Discussion (6)

  1. Saga Norén

    My desk is spotless. My boss thinks it’s a sign of an organised mind. Yeah, so organised that when the time comes to jump, I’m outta there without a backward look.

  2. Abram

    at my current job a clean desk is apparently a sign of you’ve run out of things to do

  3. Jenn

    At my old job I used to sit by a girl who would put everything away at her desk. Literally everything other than her computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. No pens, no papers. People would come up to me all the time and ask if she’d been fired.

  4. draftmonkey11

    same thing with the time sheet.. not doing it on my own time

    • Dru

      Track the time you do your time sheet on your time sheet. Sheetception!

  5. SMF

    Time Sheet Line 24: Monthly Purge = 1 hour