Work Tablet

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  1. Dru

    Hahahaha! At one of my old offices we used my laptop, my laser tape, my tablet, my DSLR, my projector, and my mobile phone, primarily for work stuff. When I asked for an allowance to help pay for my mobile plan the bosses got all bent out of shape so I took the rest of my stuff home.

    For a few months after people where asking me where my stuff was so they could use it. It finally clicked and they offered to buy me an office mobile. By then I had a better job in the pipeline so I left for a place that purchased their own equipment. Apparently the new office realized equipment was a business deduction (and depreciated some sweet assets).

  2. CC

    They have a hard time understanding why I don’t allow work emails to go to my personal phone. I’m not on-call. If you want me on-call, buy me a phone/data plan. Even then no guarantees, cause you know, life is more important than work.

  3. Code Guy

    Hey, that microwave is not at an accessible height. The exception for employee work areas does not extend to lunch rooms or break rooms. [Calling it out in the spirit of the strip!]