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  1. raymond

    I’m not sure I understand how to misplace backgrounds… did you delete the email? remove the files from the document service? lose the media that was sent? I’m not the expert in document management, but unless you didn’t send it, I will have an idea of where to find it – usually multiple places to look.

  2. Ronald Geren

    It goes both ways. As a specifications consultant, I have architect clients that never even look at the specifications I prepare and submit to them. For one client I prepared an outline spec for DD where each section was no more than a page long with only the most relevant information provided for estimating. When the time came for CDs–5 months later–they wanted a meeting to prepare for the final specifications.They starting telling me stuff that I had already addressed in the outline specs. Then they said, maybe they should look at them first (you think?) and then send over any changes. The only thing I eventually received was a review of the table of contents–nothing on the outline specs itself. And to top it off, it was a day later than they promised (4 days after our meeting–4 days to just review a TOC!).

  3. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Just basic engineers, working as less as possible on the files whether updated or not, but making sure they will charge a lot of money anyway.

  4. Lucius

    Yeah, but be aware: Now, they really focus on the submission and are much more efficient without any disturbances. Or at least that’s what they usually tell me.

  5. Saga Norén

    Every engineer I have ever worked with will use the first drawing you send them and will ignore every update subsequently issued.