Convenient Excuses

Discussion (6)

  1. SMF

    But sometimes those events are worth going. Time away from the screaming kids, free booze, possible eye candy….oh what am I saying? Even with all that they are a chore!

    • Phlox

      It’s not a professional event if you’re there for “eye candy”. Gross.

    • SMF

      Typically at a professional event I see they have vendor and rep booths. And some of those have the “eye candy” booth babes. Granted, some are fat engineers, or EJ sales men….I just threw up a little…

  2. CC

    Having a kid is a free pass in our office. If you don’t have one you are expected to work crazy hours. Unfortunately, other living things that require my presence don’t count; dogs, cats, spouse.

    • Richard Pierce

      Learn how to say no. I mean as early as you can learn how to say no. AND MEAN IT.

    • Dru

      Make up a kid. Create a whole family from thin air. Why not?

      Insurance may be the tricky part.