More Ambiguous Redlines

Discussion (6)

  1. VicVanMeter

    Yeah, no kidding. And they seem to think it’s obvious until I wander back and ask what “this thing” is.

    “Oh, just doing some calcs….”

    So some of these redlines aren’t even redlines….

  2. SMF

    Hah! I find myself guilty of that too sometimes. But in my defense, I get phone calls and emails that distract me from redlines, so I do intend to clarify but sometimes the clarification comments never make it to the page.

  3. Anne

    This applies equally to specs.

  4. Wally Tirado

    Okay I’ve done that….but intentionally. I wanted the intern to read it thoroughly and then ask me and discuss. It was a learning opportunity.

  5. Steve Rieck

    One of the partners where I first worked would circle a note or part of a detail and write “Pull your head out.”

    Another partner just wrote “see me.” He was actually interested in teaching us poor grad architects how to do things right.

  6. SMF

    Ok, to defend us poor slobs that redline. Sometimes we redline the same mistake that appears over and over, so a circle should be obvious what is being said. Like said before, “Pull your head out”, applies in these times.