Computer Time vs. Phone Time

Discussion (4)

  1. DavidK

    Unless someone is resetting the time on the computer (or looking at a different computer), lunch will only be extended by five minutes. It will be 1:05 pm on his phone when her computer indicates 1:00 pm.

  2. GGa

    …or the lunchtime ends at 1PM of another computer… (?)

  3. Lee Jay

    The Boss once came in the department and ripped us a new one for coming in late in the morning. He was looking at the office phones time of 8:09 AM where our iPhone’s said 7:59 AM.
    “Office phone time is the time standard”, was his answer.

  4. Richard

    In my 40+ years of experience most people are doing good if they get in 5 hours of productive time every day. Most of the time it’s closer to 4 hours. Plus I remember many many 10+ hour days over my career. Screw any “boss” who rags you for being 10ish minutes late for anything. Except for a client meeting. Always be 10 minutes early for one of those.