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  1. Edward J Shannon

    Since when has an engineer cared anything about line weights are graphic legibility? As long as the calc’s work, they are good to go!

  2. SrLnclt

    Keep in mind this works both ways. You should see some of the files us Engineers get from Architects to use as backgrounds. Existing, Demo, New, alternate bids all crammed in one file. This would be OK, except 10% of the elements on the wrong layers. Freeze/delete a text layer and 6 doors disappear, etc. And then they wonder why we don’t like updating our xrefs an hour before a submittal is due.

    • Random Architect

      Ouch! You’re bringing back painful memories! At one old firm every instance of plan was to be drawn as one single drawing, and we were suppose to manage the layers in the viewports to only turn on the ones we needed. It resulted in so many redundant layers (6 different text layers depending on if it’s floor plan text, RCP text, demo text, etc.; 6 different dimension layers, on and on…), it was inevitable that info was being drawn on wrong layers. In model space it looked like a mess and you could barely make out anything in there.

  3. Phlox

    Why don’t your consultants just send you PDFs? If it’s their xrefs that are printing funny in your drawings, tell ‘em to keep all their colors By Layer. Overriding the layer colors can be just as bad as putting stuff on the wrong layer(s). This is especially true for blocks. Keep it clean people!

    • gonk

      My thought exactly – why would you want anything other than PDFs from your consultants? That’s all we’ve been sending for the last ten years or so. Before that, we sent plot files for a while, and before that it was physical plots. I don’t think we’ve ever sent drawing files as our final deliverables. If we did, we would have to include the pen settings, but that seems like the most complicated way possible to deliver a job.

  4. Pete Zahut

    This is why you all should be using Revit..

    • Guitarchitect Smasher

      Burn! You know not all of us in this world work for companies that can afford to get out of the 90s… BTW, Pete, (If that is your real name), your name sounds a lot like Pizza Hut.

    • DrafterJ

      Try getting the lead architect who still wants to go back to manual drafting to do that.

    • SMF

      Yeah, because we all know that Revit is perfect and doesn’t have it’s own set of conflicts…(pun intended)