Consultant Designer

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  1. miguel

    architects LOL again..

    thats what my office does….on almost every project

  2. Matt

    This strip and tag line irks me. With a lot of RFQs there is a requirement to demonstrate that you have experience with the design typology. If your firm, or yourself, do not have the experience, how are you supposed to gain said experience without a design consultant? If you’ve never done that type of building before, how are you supposed to know the programmatic requirements, the questions to ask, in order to do your job and provide the client a building that actually functions for them. Once you’ve done one or two of them, guess what? Your principal isn’t going to hire an outside consultant to assist.

    Stop feeling entitled to design everything. By doing the details and CAD work, you’ll be better prepared for the next time that building type comes around. You wouldn’t ask a heart surgeon to perform a complicated neural surgery, you would get someone who knows what they’re doing to join your team.

  3. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    That’s why I switch to another profession, now I’m doing Architecture, not design, good luck