Holiday Lunch

Discussion (4)

  1. Phlox

    The corporate PC bandits killed ours years ago. First it was a “Holiday” Party vaguely around Christmas. Then it became an anti-climactic “holiday” party in January. Now it’s gone altogether. So are our bonuses, come to think of it. Regardless, any time it’s on a weekday, I take off Christmas Eve, because, like what are we, emergency room doctors? It’s Christmas no matter what they say.

  2. Tim

    We are not PC here. We say Merry Christmas to everyone and we take off the week to 2 weeks at Christmas and New Years to celebrate with our families.

  3. Grammar

    I have such high standards for this comic. Then a simple grammar error in the first panel. Why would are they doing that? *shakes head* No bonus for you.

    • Arrow

      Well spotted… looks like grammar check went on Christmas break