Discussion (2)

  1. Anne

    This is a really common issue with specifications, too. If I find that all the comments on the specs are formatting changes or word changes, I know they didn’t really know what they were reading. Even worse is when we set up a meeting, and the PM spends 6 hours with me in the room, going over commas and indents.

  2. SMF

    I disagree. if I get a proposal, spec, or drawings and have to be constantly finding typo’s, formatting issues, and graphic issues, that should have been found before being put on my desk, then I feel I can’t fully review the content for all the “noise”. I have already given the content and direction by this time. If we have to go back after the minutia is cleared out, then so be it. Mistakes and noise can impact the culpability of the firm and the profit received almost as much as content.