Frightful Weather

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  1. Krushert

    With a laptop and the ability to VPN into the server. staying home loses some of its appeal.

  2. RamaFan

    Ha, ha …here in the south we so rarely see snow that even an 1″ can shut the office down. Of course we had ‘snowmageddon’ a couple of years ago in which several inches got dumped on us in just a few hours and nobody was prepared for it.

    I, and several others, got to spend the night at the office and worked the next-day while waiting for snow to melt. Some people were still trying to get home more than 12 hours after they left the night before; many abandoning their cars in ditches and on the side of the road. It would be late that afternoon before the roads were marginally clear enough for me to make it home.

    I felt like I was working for no real reason until the bosses told us that everyone who missed work would not be given that time-off and had to make-it-up working extra hours. I was glad I had worked then, but that was a arshole move for everyone who had spent many hours trying to get home and / or sleeping in the cold.

  3. tonydott

    Try working in the Los Angeles area where the first drop of a sprinkle is enough to cause havoc and traffic jams. My commute is normally about 12 -15 minutes, today with rain that isn’t strong enough to keep people off a golf course, it took almost an hour an a half.

  4. Le Courvoisier

    Well here in Chicago nothing is called off/closed unless stepping outside can potentially kill you, like a -50 wind chill or 3 ft or so of snow.

    Winter sucks.

  5. David_in_Florida

    Ahhhhh southwest Florida! I haven’t seen a snowflake except in pictures and videos in ten years. :) But, I can relate – driving in a double tire track through 8 inches of snow to get home sucks. Been there, tired of doing that.