Star Wars

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  1. Sara Lund

    It is always the contractor’s fault!
    Whenever I point out something on site that is contrary to the drawings, they assure us that it will be rectified.
    It never is. NEVER.
    I hate those feckers!

  2. SMF

    Not only a louver missing, but the “exhaust” vent was not “exhausting” but was sucking. Only way that the shot could make a near 90 degree turn inside the vent chase!

    I think it is the owner doing VE and the balancer not doing his job right.

    • IR

      couldn’t have been sucking … it was open to space, there’s not much there to suck.

  3. Tom Lawrence

    On close examination of the “plans” obtained by the Rebel Alliance, you’ll note that the dish was designed to be located on what could be described as the equator of the death star. The actual construction places the dish completely above that line. Seems to me the contractor/designer has a history of making field modifications without recording the changes in construction bulletins. Either that or the owner didn’t bother to keep good records.