A Lot Of Work

Discussion (3)

  1. raymond

    …doesn’t sound much different from the fakery we could have used in AutoCAD…

  2. Richard

    Ha! I haven’t used AutoCAD in well over a decade and I have no idea what the hell Revit is (nor do I ever want to) but when we used to get this kind of request we would wheel out a huge stack of semi-red marked spec pages and send the client a bound photocopy. It would typically be 4-5 inches thick. We would tell the client we were doing the initial spec edits in lieu of drawings and they could read what we were doing. They seldom got past the initial few pages of site work specs…

  3. Sara Lund

    Or you could call the client and tell them that since no work has been done on the project due to Christmas holidays, a meeting would be a waste of both yours and their time.