A Lot Of Work Part 2

Discussion (7)

  1. Sheldon

    Your own boss probably does the same thing.

  2. tonydott

    I can sort of understand when a clueless client expects speedy changes because you’re doing everything ‘on computers now’. What is more annoying is when the boss (possibly more clueless) makes the similar comments.

    “Oh this looks great, but I think we should offer 3 more options. So you can just whip those up by this afternoon, right?”

  3. Bryan

    My boss does this to me ALL THE TIME!! The worst is when he does it in a meeting with a client. I just give him a look, that he knows very well. I think at this point he just gets a kick out of it.

  4. Wightzian

    Love this. I hear this all the time. When someone does not know the program is worse. They sometimes think that a click will turn the schematics into full CD set.

  5. Vic Van Meter

    The fun party is the redline process. Some things that your bosses and clients think will take you hours take minutes. Some things they think will take minutes take hours. What might have taken a huge amount of time to list separately on several sheets and views, what might look like it would take a huge amount of time to adjust, that might take just a few minutes. Then some innocuous note on a sheet about casework positioning turns into a six hour marathon of shifting walls, detail items, and checking schedules.

  6. Central Standard

    I tell them all we have to do is push the F11 key to make the changes. Then smile.

  7. Anne

    and what’s just as bad… some of those same people think that if you’re using BIM, the specs come baked right into the software. They don’t understand that they have to actually make some decisions — and stick with them.