Friday The 13th

Discussion (5)

  1. CADirk

    My experience is that if autocad isn’t crashing, you’re not pushing it hard enough, or one of the zeros in the code has fallen over, either way, it crashes regardless of the number 13, but probably more on friday.

  2. Safin

    How fitting that I read this comic as I wait for my CAD to recover from the last crash.

  3. Fat Bob

    I’ve had AutoCAD crash just by moving the mouse.

  4. Error404

    I’m not superstitious at all… however, when saving files with a sequential number, I always skip number 13. I don’t believe it’s going to make any difference, but just in cas.

  5. Le Courvoisier

    Y’all need to get ArchiCAD. It has crashed maybe 5 times total in the 4.5 years I’ve been using it.