Printing Specs

Discussion (7)

  1. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    and about waste of precious time?

  2. name

    Send ‘em a pdf file and ask that they review / markup electronic copy. Only takes a few minutes to compile all the sections; and it is searchable.

  3. raymond

    our principal is notorious for re-printing documents (specs, contracts, email threads, even drawings, etc.) to find one detail, simply because he can’t be bothered to go through the filing system, whether electronic or hardcopy…

  4. raymond

    he can’t be bothered with electronic search functions either…

  5. Sheldon

    No one reads them, so why print them?

    • Elizabeth

      Yes, that was my first thought.

      I used to know an architect whose standard spec included a clause requiring meat pies to be nailed to the rafters at 600mm centres. On the (very rare) occasions that anyone queried this clause, he got extremely excited that they’d actually read it!

  6. Le Courvoisier

    I never print out specs. It’s easy to label each page with the section in a PDF program and search it that way. I’d rather do that than search through 1600 pages of printed paper.