Sick Days

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  1. MG

    Or those with PTO (and no separate sick time) still come in sick because they see PTO as vaca time only and don’t want to use it when they’re sick, hence contaminating everyone…

  2. Random Architect

    I have three kids, and whenever I want to take a day off, I just say one of my kids is sick and use a sick day. It’s a foolproof excuse; nobody ever questions it!

  3. RamaFan

    Between ‘teacher work-days’, ‘snow day’s, and random made-up holidays nobody else gets off (like ‘Easter Monday’…because we’ve all heard of that); I think school’s imagine we all work for the government, get to roll-over every vacation day we don’t use, and get every possible sorta-holiday off.

    We don’t. I even have to make-up weather days that the entire firm get’s sent-home for. If I didn’t take our child to work with me, I would end-up using all my vacation and sick-days on random day’s the school decides needs time-off.

    I pay for 20-days of school (not counting weekends) but usually only get 15~18 of those a month…plus extra time-off at Christmas and new-years AND extra fees for the new-year.

  4. Kristo

    Another example is contractors, who don’t get paid any sick leave — without which, they feel doubly committed (ie. 1. to their boss and 2. to keeping bread on the family table) to going into work every day, even if they’re coughing up bits of lung or bleeding from their eyeballs… Personal health / comfort and contagion risks don’t even factor into the decision-making equation.

  5. Anon