Time Consuming

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  1. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    unfortunately true, i would say mostly 22 hours a day, too bad

  2. ArchStudent

    I’m sure you know this, but to clarify the study actually said architecture students work 22.2 hours a week OUTSIDE class.

  3. raymond

    @ArchStudent – Now, THAT is how I remember school…

  4. Random Architect

    Of course this comes as no surprise to us, but I’m sure it does to just about everyone else. When I was in undergrad, the university initiated a uni-wide survey to determine which major put it the most hours. Everyone on campus assumed it would be the law students, because the overall assumption was that they spent all their time studying law books and of course some of them did brag about how much more work they did than the other majors. Well, survey results overwhelmingly showed that it was us architecture students who committed more time to their coursework than any other major. It surprised most of the campus, who never would have thought that. And we architecture students just shrugged and laughed into the wee hours of the night working on our models…

  5. Tim

    I remember professors telling us that they expected us to spend 3 hours for study and homework for each hour of class per week. For a typical architecture program course load that worked out to 54 hours per week. I don’t remember spending that much time on course work but I probably did average about half that.

  6. CADirk

    @ArchStudent, that makes sense, when I did building engineering, we had about 40 hours a week class and 20 hours homework each week.
    Didn’t get much better during internship, but after that I could get a job and work about 30% less.

  7. Elizabeth

    Well of course. But the workload for architecture students is excellent preparation for the working life of an architect!