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  1. Edward Shannon

    Or worse yet, the brother in law has no formal architecture training!

  2. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Is it cronyism or nepotism, or else? In all cases the worst thing happening to architecture worldwide is that so called clients are sub educated enough to read interior design magazines and believe they can tell an architect to produce architecture. Even worst, some designers let them doing their own job. That a collective professional resignation. Graduates from the Wall Paper University!

  3. SMF

    I blame Pintrest, DIY Network and their ilk for spawning all these “I saw it on TV and redid my kitchen so now I am an architect!”

  4. Le Courvoisier

    This is why I don’t touch single family housing and condo new construction/renovations at all. I’d much rather do a small storefront as a side project.

  5. HK

    Can we close off that door?
    Why not? It just doesn’t do anything for the space.
    It’s required for means of egress.
    Why are you so inflexible?

  6. Rick

    thank you for the diagnosis Doc, but I want to have my brother-in-law look at it. He’s not a doctor, but he played one on TV.

  7. Dave in Florida

    Yep, I just did a clinic and the doctor came back w/ lots of HVAC changes, with verbiage that couldn’t have come from a doc – ‘existing ducted distribution system’, ‘balance airflow’. Turns out one of his relatives is an engineer.

  8. Arrow

    We did a corporate headquarters for a large global corporation. One particular high powered executive insisted on having his wife design the interior of his office. She chose a domestic “shag” carpet, among other awful design decisions. After a month it was completely obliterated from wear and tear. He called us in and asked what we could do about it – to which we replied…. “ask your wife”.

    • SMF

      Been there, done that. Even had blame foisted upon my company with the words “Why didn’t you inform us it was a bad decision? What were we paying you for?”

      Um…We did tell you, in writing no less, and I guess you paid us to draft.