Federal Holidays

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  1. Tom Lawrence

    Yeah, I remember when my old office made MLK Jr. Day a paid holiday, but Presidents day? Really? Do others get off for this? I’ve never gotten Presidents Day off…

  2. Steve Rieck

    Wait..I’m confused. FN Architects was closed for Presidents Day? If so, they were the only architects in the country closed.

  3. Anne Whitacre

    I’ve never worked in an office that had President’s Day off. In fact, we used to like working that day because our clients always took the holiday off.

  4. seatrains

    the first office I worked for did not have it off (40+ employees). The second office that I worked for finally gave it to us because the Principal had 5 kids at home and they all had it off from school (16 employees) Now a I work at a mega firm in the top 10 in size in the USA and we do not have it off. The excuse is that we wouldn’t be profitable…So about a third of our staff us a vacation day to have time with family and the rest of us our bent over our computers…LOL

  5. Philip Royer

    President’s Day & MLK Day holidays in an architectural office?!?! Never heard of such a thing. Heck, I remember the first time our office got Memorial Day as a holiday. I thought that was truly amazing!

  6. Jenn

    My old office gives MLK and Prez Day off the years when the holidays (New Year and Christmas Day) fall on a Monday, Wed, or Friday, because then we don’t get the additional shoulder days off too. Made it confusing every year, but hey, at least we got the same number of holiday days off each year.

    My new office does not subscribe to that policy, unfortunately.

  7. Arggitect

    We work out of Tucson, Arizona. We don’t get either MLK jr. or Presidents day… but we do get Rodeo Day off. It is this Friday, paid! An old office in Tucson use to require everyone one wear boots and jeans to work during the week… for 25+ years i have gotten the day off but never gone to see the Rodeo. I think more architecture firms should follow our example :)