Forgotten Prints

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  1. SMF

    Case in point; boss gets all over a co-worker about coming in late and how it is stealing from the company. So much so that the co-worker quits because she is sure she is going to be fired. Now, a little over a year later, the boss gets all over another co-worker about his coming in late…just a nasty…but now, there is not a single day that goes by that the boss is not late because of “meetings”…and we all know that the 6:30 am “meetings” are really the boss going to Cross Fit. Double standards much? And then the boss goes to more meeting at 3:00 and never comes back. I get it, being the boss and owner has its perks, but seriously…

  2. tonydott

    There is a gentleman in my office who spends his first hour of every day talking to whoever will listen (usually the newest hire) about all the problems in the office and how he is sooooo busy with his projects. Strange that he never hits a deadline when I come looking for drawings – assuming I can find him at his desk.

  3. ArchOz

    Any employee who frequently walks/stands around the office with their hands crossed is quite plainly doing nothing but tattling and gas-bagging most of the working day — other staff would be right to be disgruntled…