Consultant PDFs II

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  1. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    do we really need pdfs consultants? coffee consultants perhaps too?

  2. Jenn

    I flipped out on one of my signage consultants the day of a very stressful deadline because his PDFs came in with multiple layers of text on top of each other; he had forgotten to process out the extra font styles before sending. He apologized and resent the files immediately. I felt bad for basically having a minor panic attack on him so I took his team and him our for a drink as an apology. We’re getting married in September.

    • Phlox

      Congratulations! That’s an excellent story. A truly happy ending!

    • Deep South

      Congrats !! – but will you trust him to get the invitations right ?? ; )

    • Jenn

      Ha yes! He is in charge of invite designs, but I still get to play client, and I will see those final proofs first!

  3. SMF

    What I hate is when you get a PDF set of 24×36 drawings and need to print, but mixed in are random 8.4×11 forms and you get a nice 24×36 sheet with a little 8.5×11 print in the middle…Or MEP send M&E in landscape, but P in portrait and you don’t catch it before printing…nice.

  4. Archie

    Your consultants are getting you back for sending them pdfs when they asked for cad.

  5. Random Architect

    Or when your consultants use weird font types that your computer doesn’t have, so when you open their PDFs all you see are little boxes because your computer can’t render the text… >:(

    • Ratwar

      I’m not saying consultants don’t do that, but Architects hands are certainly not clean when it comes to using non-standard text and sending it out in their title blocks.

  6. Kevin

    Or when they’re locked with a password and you can’t do anything with them.

  7. Arrow

    Or when they just dont turn up for days, despite them saying they’re almost complete and should be with you in the next hour or so…

  8. Print Dys Function

    I got you all beat: Had a consultant who would send PDF in Autocad colors 8 out of 10 times.
    When I chewed him out on it, calling him all kinds of incompetent, he just kept smiling at me – I wish I had his pills

  9. Kate

    WOW- can’t believe you guys turned this annoyance into a joke. GOOD JOB!