Contextual Ribbon States

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  1. Tim

    I always transfer the old style menu pull downs since to me the Ribbon is a bunch of waste of time and graphic space.

  2. Autodesk Trainer

    People like Tim are my favorite students. They claim it’s just a waste of space, but once I show them time-saving commands that are only available in the ribbon I make quick converts. These are the same people typically working from the command line instead of using dynamic input too.

    • Tim

      I do not use it. I have work with AutoCAD since the early 1990′s and have used using my key commands which are faster than either the pull downs or the ribbon commands.

    • Error404

      Adds are getting smarter in this site…

  3. Archie

    I’ve been using AutoCAD for 25 years, and moving from toolbars to ribbons was by far the biggest time waster I’ve ever seen. I use the ribbons, but they’re not nearly as fast as having all of your toolbars available all the time.

  4. Tim

    AutoCAD? What is that? Sorry, we have been doing Revit for the past 7 years. When I open AutoCAD (extremely rare these days) I can’t find anything so I resort back to typing the commands on the command line.

  5. FarmBoy

    I”m with Tim and Archie. From my POV, anything that requires my cursor to move out of the ACAD/Revit drafting window is a wasted movement and all those seconds at up. Keyboard shortcuts are the way to go. Now if only Revit could have a better command line for all of us Dinosaurs (i say at 33)…

  6. Steve

    Want to see true speed? Run AutoCAD/Revit with one of these >>
    I won’t lie, it takes time to adapt and correctly map your preferred tools and work flow to the keys you want. But once you have it going, your most used tools pop up in a single left hand key stroke while your right draws.