Multiple Instances

Discussion (4)

  1. Numerobis

    The only time I’ve seen this, Windows settings was the problem, not AutoCAD…
    … yet, it feels better to blame Autodesk.

  2. ArchOz

    Windows is the cause of this issue/confusion, however many apps have the option to override it from within, so it should be entirely possible for that to be added to AutoCAD in a future update.

  3. Flafnir

    Both of my coworkers always have two instances of AutoCAD running at the same time, one on each monitor, so they can switch between drawings…

  4. Error404

    Mine switched one day (no idea why or how) and it has stayed like this already for over a year.
    First, I though it was a pain in the ass. But now when one drawing crashes it doesn’t take the other instances with it. It kind of works better!