Timesheet Inquiry

Discussion (6)

  1. SMF

    I hate it more when they are right…. :(

  2. Minnesota Fats

    I hate it even more when I am told to only put 8 hours down for the 9.5 or 10 I have actually worked . 8 hours, heh, you guys crack me up.

    • Error404

      I have heard of some firms doing that… that’s messed up!!!

      I keep a journal (black tiny book) with all my tasks/hours since I got out of college. I don’t know how many of those little booklets I have now… but it’s a big pile!!

    • DaddyDave01

      I’ve been in one of those firms. Not only is it potentially shady depending on your labor status. But it does the firm a gross injustice in that tracking of true project costs or time requirements are not recorded. This perpetuates a business plan that runs the risk of not correctly budgeting a project.

  3. Saga Norén

    I used to note exactly the number of hours worked per project and I used to get paid for it. Then my boss whined about all the overtime he was paying me and told me to only note the 8 hours per day. That was when I started to work only my contracted hours and not a minute more.

  4. Anne

    One of my first bosses wanted me to be hourly when I worked 8 hours or less per day, and suddenly switched me to “salaried” when I started working overtime to meet a deadline.