Awkward Moment III

Discussion (10)

  1. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Excellent, Corbu might be quite happy

  2. Le Courvoisier

    Truth, and IECC is requiring sensors more and more with each revision.

  3. Stewart

    This looks like one of my elevations.

  4. joshhuggins

    That’s why we only spec sensors with audio detection. Too much liability for someone to get hurt when the lights go out. So if your sitting in a stall and the lights go out, when you yell ‘damn it’ the lights go back on :)

    • Le Courvoisier

      I’d yell “Shit!”

    • ArchMAL

      Really! Have not seen those. (Custom Homes rarely ask for Motion Sensors) Will research them.

      I understand that there is technology available today that tracks building users and adjusts not just lights but HVAC temperature. I remember reading an article about one such building being commissioned in Europe.

    • gonk

      Look for “dual technology” – they include this function, and they’ve been our standard for years now.

  5. Abram

    Thats why you get the dual technology motion detectors. Infrared and sound detection.

  6. ArchOz

    Love it! The animated panel was as unexpected as auto-lights-off in the restroom!

  7. SMF

    This is so funny. In my old office building there was a neighboring tenant that was gigantic and he would sit in a stall for “extended” periods of time. The building architect didn’t put motion sensors in the ceiling, it was on the light switch. So he would get “trapped” in the dark in the stall. This happened more than not, almost once or twice a week. We would walk in the restroom, the lights would come on, and he would start shuffling about.

    We ended up calling him the “Dark Pooper”