We’ll Get Right On It

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  1. Error404

    I worked for an architect that did this. I went to a meeting with him and the client asked for a minor change to his plans (5-10 min worth of my time… I just needed to modify a note). Well, my boss told the clients “sure, no problem!”. When we left the meeting, he told me not to do anything, they already run out of time in their budget.

    Next week, when the subcontractors wanted the drawings, I asked if he wanted me to update the drawings before sending them. Well, that day I found out how wako my boss was. I was forced to send e-mails (he dictated what to write, but the e-mails were coming from me) that pissed off the subs, the client, and everyone involved in that project. We spent hours arguing and at the end (three days later), he gave me the go ahead updating that note.

    So glad I found a job right after that!.

  2. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Why not telling the truth:
    no money, no talks, ie no project,
    money talks, nobody walks.
    they need us anyway, so architects unite

  3. Flit

    I almost forwarded this to a client that owes me $25K

  4. Minnesota Fats

    If you haven’t seen it . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVkLVRt6c1U

    Pure Genius. It should be required viewing for everyone in architecture.

  5. SMF

    This ^