The Moment Something Gets Fixed…

Discussion (4)

  1. SMF

    ” Your”..

    But damn straight! Almost every time! Especially if you are in a rush!

  2. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    especially on a friday afternoon when we are going to work over the week end. It’s also a good pretext to claim more delay from the client

  3. Daniel

    Itss like the home appliances that all talk to each other just before a big holiday meal……”breakdown now, you we don’t have to move today!”

  4. ArchOz

    So true. We used to always have this issue, especially with mad rushes on a Friday afternoon … all too often running into the evening! Now our office has a policy not to set any critical deadlines for a Friday afternoon; after all these things get printed and couriered only to sit on someone’s desk until Monday or Tuesday.