Not A Phone Booth

Discussion (7)

  1. TheArchitect

    Just a man doin’ his business…

  2. Sheldon

    Self-respect, hell! Respect the person you’re talking to!

  3. Greg J

    Had an employer that did this. Also he often came back in the evenings and did not close the door on the single hole restrooms. We heard about it from one of our office complex neighbors.

  4. Lee Jay

    I was talking with an consultant on the phone for 15 minutes before he flushed his toilet.

  5. ArchOz

    That’s so vulgar, and worse, it’s super-unhygeinic (unless you have an IP-rated phone and wash it off afterwards).

  6. Arrow

    Dont call mobile phones. Call the office landline. This will never be a problem again.

  7. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Thanks God it wasn’t an e mail