Photography Problems

Discussion (4)

  1. grapefrutsquirl

    I’m not a principal, but even I have learned that any decent project photography takes nearly a full day in the field (for the photographer), plus time to curate and edit (another day) with a final bill in the $2000-$5000 range even for a small residential project.

    Then again, maybe we have just been using overpriced photographers…

  2. DaddyDave01

    This. Architecture is still a visual art. As a result we should remember that everything that goes out of the office is a reflection of who we are as architects and designers. A poor photograph or badly laid out proposal responses can negatively impact one’s brand. It’s like saying “we don’t care enough about these small details” so we likely wont care enough about your details.

  3. cc

    Can’t complain about quality photography prices AND low architectural fees in the same breath. All creatives are in the same under-appreciated boat. Last thing we all need are fellow creatives under-cutting each other.

    “I can do that better/cheaper than the architect/photographer.”

  4. Liska

    At least a few! (I’m an Architectural Photographer). But I tend to work with contractors and the building owners more than I’m called by Architects… so maybe not?