Working Without a Contract

Discussion (5)

  1. FarmBoy

    This has happened to me as well, except my boss new it was his/her fault. Lesson Learned: PM communication is essential.

  2. Le Courvoisier

    I still don’t get why anyone begins work without a contract.

  3. chiefmuse

    There was a day when I worked for a firm that did work on a handshake. 10 million dollar buildings…on a handshake. Those days are gone.

  4. Ronald Geren

    Although I work primarily with architects and not owners as a specifications and building code consultant, I have in my proposals (which are written as full agreements) that when the client gives me written or oral directions to begin working on their project, then it will be considered “prima facie evidence” that they have accepted the terms of my proposal,whether they signed it or not, and if they plan on using another form of agreement, then the terms of my proposal shall remain in effect until the other form of agreement is executed.

  5. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    …making sure to get and cash front money is like having a sorta contract anyway. However architects are liable to work with a contract. No contract, no project, no money no project either. We are not supposed to be naive kids working for free, it is disgraceful and disrespective to the profession.