Sacrificial Lamb

Discussion (6)

  1. tonydott

    Happens all the time.

  2. Le Courvoisier

    They always do. Never give an option you’re not proud to have done.

  3. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    What does he believe? They are non professional in architecture, so just to show off that they are acknowledged they will make the wrong choice; and the architect is of course liable for it. O tempora o mores. Have all a great we

  4. Daniel C Caudy

    That is always the case, and then I have to convince the client that it is not the right solution for the program they initiated.

  5. Robert Johnson

    My first job was for a landscape architecture firm in NY that did a lot of work in SC. Had a meeting with Bd of Dir of Daniel Engineering and my boss had to present a concept for their new HQ and said “Just draw a circle where the cafeteria goes”. That building has a round cafeteria ever since

  6. Paul

    I learned long ago to never give a client an option I don’t like because they’ll chose it every time. Only give clients you can feel good about.