The Third of July

Discussion (8)

  1. Le Courvoisier

    I’m saving PTO hours, but probably leaving early afternoon. It’s quiet in here today. I don’t mind it so much.

  2. Phlox

    I’m reading online comics, so clearly I’m not working today!

  3. Mr. Johnson

    Define the term “work.”

  4. Srieck

    Yet, management is all taking the extra long weekend.

  5. Seatrains

    Only 1 out of our studio went went to work today…

  6. Paul

    If I was still the boss the 3rd would have been a day out of the office for everyone.

  7. Mindirella

    I guilt tripped my bosses (we have 3) into giving us the 3rd off. They sent an official email giving us the day off. Then a couple days later one of the bosses tried to take it back when he found out he had to go to a meeting on the third. We threatened to revolt. We got the day off…

  8. tonydott

    All 6 of the architects/designers in my office showed up – 1 out of 11 engineers came in.