The True Meaning of Summer Hours

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  1. NooYawker

    At least some firms have summer hours. Our bosses would never consider giving us a few hours a week off. In fact, our firm has no perks whatsoever. Consider yourself lucky if you can take advantage of summer hours at least a few times.

  2. Abram

    and that’s why Im glad I get paid hourly

  3. raymond

    At one firm I worked, summer hours were 4-hour shorter Fridays and 1-hour longer other days. It actually wasn’t bad – you were very much discouraged from staying later on Fridays. The main reason – most staff went to the nearby park to play or watch futbol.

  4. Tim

    We don’t have summer hours at the firm I currently work for. My previous firm, we worked four 9s and 4 hours on Fridays all year long. The owner of the firm used Friday afternoons to work on his side jobs (usually client meetings) for extra spending money. He claimed that those jobs were too small to formally do in the office.

  5. Seatrains

    I worked twice for hourly firms and twice for salary firms and the hourly firms were more efficient! The hourly firms did not want to pay you overtime so they wanted you to get done! There is just not same incentive when you are salary employees. 😀

  6. Al Corbu, the spanish branch

    Unpaid OT is unfair especially when it shall be done.