Mileage Reimbursement

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  1. chiefmuse

    I was told by a client about a year ago that they wanted me to use a rental to “save money”. Fine, pay me for my milage to the rental (our office is not near a car rental), time to get there, cost of the renta (I’m a big guy so no sub-compact)l, gas, full insurance, and then reveresr the trip. “Never mind:”.

  2. Lee Jay

    Our rate hasn’t changed since 2003. I recalculated the rate based on AAA guide lines it’s not even a third of what it should be. Another lost argument.

  3. Phlox

    We’re “strongly encouraged” to take public transit, which of course takes longer. Uber gets used a lot.

  4. Myk

    IRS has a standard published every year. Currently 53.5 cents per mile.

    • SMF

      It went down! We are still at 55.5 cents per mile. :(

  5. Tim

    Charge higher fees and buy a company vehicle or vehicles and you won’t be arguing with staff or the client about mileage and reimbursable expenses. Write of the vehicle as a marketing expense and have it as a perk for your employees.