The Benefits of AIA Membership

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  1. Resist

    Let us know when you figure it out. Been a member for 15 years and still can’t answer that question. I even served as a director in the local chapter for four years. The only thing they seemed good at was giving awards to each other.

    • SMF

      We have a winner. Exactly what they are good for. They also like to say they lobby for architects…not seen anything come from THAT in years!

    • Error404

      [E-mail from our local AIA chapter This morning:]
      AIA Fort Lauderdale is proud to announce that our own Board Member, XXX XXXX, Assoc. AIA with XXXXX, has been elected to the AIA Florida Board. Congrats!
      (Followed by a photo showing people celebrating)
      [Keep going down the e-mail....]
      1st Annual AIA Fort Lauderdale Fishing Tournament

      [a little further down]

      [... and at the end.]
      2017 Design Awards Gala & Casino Night

      [I get them multiple times per week. ]

  2. Minnesota Fats

    Still waiting for the AIA to bring the thunder down on all of those asshat computer programmers calling themselves architects. When that is resolved, I will join.

    • Random Architect

      ^^ This, exactly. You’d think one of the highest priorities of the group that supposedly represents the national interests of architects would be protecting our terms of art!

    • Frustrated

      ^^ Yes!! I want to know how they are getting away with this, I thought the word “Architect” was soooo protected. Guess not really.

    • Upset

      Today I went to a Panera for breakfast, and they had a new sign which indentified which employee was todays: Baker, Barrista, and ‘Salad Architect’

  3. AIAnot

    It’s a letter rental business. You rent three letters for about $220 each for a year. And two of them are the same. You can’t even get different letters.

  4. nsAIA

    ha ha ha ha ha… NOT FUNNY! Perhaps if these 3 had finished reading the article, all the way to the end, they would know the benefits of AIA. And these comments above make it clear that many folks don’t have any idea whatsoever what takes place on their behalf through the organization. Perhaps it is because 1)They don’t belong to AIA; 2)They do belong but don’t recognize that the bigger the group the higher the influence; 3)They are members but don’t bother to take advantage of benefits available that will make their practice better: Don’t read any communications, go to meetings, respond to advocacy alerts, attend conventions, use the technical tools, etc.; 4)They are and are not members and don’t put in the time to keep up with the issues. They are “too busy” or self-absorbed to make the architectural profession better, learn new things, protect their profession, donate to their PAC….. It is easier and cheaper to just complain – but IS IT? You reap what you sow!

    • SMF

      Sounds like a union rep talking here. “You don’t know because you don’t do anything.”

      Look, aside from the technical tools, premade forms and contracts, AIA has not really done anything note worthy for the ridiculously high membership fees for a great deal of their members. Parties, conferences, awards….la-de-da. Reap what I sow. I sow food on my table for my family. lights that turn on. Plumbing that works. AIA dues suck away income that helps to pay for these items I am reaping. I, like 99% or the architects and designers out there, are not prima donna FLW or Gerry want-a-be’s, we work 6a-10p or more a day and week ends to make ends meet. And for some pompous AIA rep to come in here and say we are too “self-absorbed” because we complain that we don’t get our money worth is an insult to hard working professionals. So nsAIA, take your views and kindly put them back in your designer suite and drive back to your million dollar plus home, kiss you’re your botox and silicon trophy wife good night and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Me I am going to do my best at my job and save my AIA dues for things that my family needs, and frankly your organization falls WAY SHORT of doing that.

      Good day

  5. Tim

    You get out of the AIA what you put into it. I’m not crazy about the realignment of chapters being pushed through the AIA right now that will affect the opportunities for networking. I got my last three jobs due to attending AIA events.

    • nsAIA

      Thanks for speaking up Tim. I have developed great friendships with fellow members. Plus – several of my most profitable projects have resulted from collaboration with other members!

  6. Arrow

    It sounds like the Institute of is only good at awards. Advocacy and education are sorely lacking.

  7. chiefmuse

    I thnk it depends on your location. When I lived in Raleigh, the AIA was awesome in outreach and community involvement, here in Wisconsin it’s a complete joke.

  8. Paul

    I was once a member of the AIA. Mostly for the discount for contract documents. But where my practice was located made membership just a tax deduction and nothing more. And, since I am adverse to government anything, I take exception with the AIA pushing climate change garbage, public works projects, or anything that takes more of my tax money. The AIA doesn’t represent my views with regards to most legislation (I’m so much of a heretic that I advocate for the abolishing of licenses all together).